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The joy of seeing wine lovers become winemakers

Any wine lover can tell you that the experience of wine is everything. The rich, robust flavours of an Amarone on a cool evening, or a refreshingly crisp Pinot Grigio in the summer sun can create a delicious escape from a busy day.

This is the same feeling we have when a wine lover discovers the joy of making their own craft wine. This is what drives our passion and makes our job of helping our customers become winemakers such a joy.

store_floor2Microvin is an RJS Academy Craft Winemaking store located in our beautiful town of Pointe-Claire, Quebec. Since 1978, the team at Microvin have built a place that provides our customers with an opportunity to experience everything that makes craft winemaking a rewarding hobby. The company was started by my father and mother, and our reputation has blossomed over time. What we’ve learned from our very early days is that for small-batch winemakers, the experience starts well before the first sip from your glass.

When you first visit Microvin and discover everything that the world of craft winemaking has to offer, you may wonder where to even start. That’s not a problem. Our Microvin team is more than happy to guide you through our craft winemaking paradise. I’m sure other RJS Academy Craft Winemaking stores across the country have a similar feeling, but seeing people discover new things about the wines they love and have the opportunity to make their own from a selection of over 40 grape varieties is always a pleasure. I absolutely love that feeling and I know our customers love it, too.

Where to start?

Whether you want to make your wine on-premise or in the comfort of your own home, our team will tell you that it is all about the wine kit. A great experience starts with the perfect wine kit. We spend some time discussing wine with you, so we can help you choose the right wine kit to make exactly the wine you will enjoy the most.


At Microvin we offer a selection of over 100 RJS Craft Winemaking kits. It’s worth it to spend the time to choose the one that’s right for you. If you decide to make your wine on-site, you will enjoy the benefits of Microvin’s state-of-the-art facility. Our head wine maker, Michael Davies, works with all of our customers to ensure that their wine is the best it can be through the fermentation process.

Bottling the fruits of your labour

Beer makingDepending on which wine kit you decide on, we will welcome you back in four to eight weeks to bottle and label new wines. Everyone looks forward to this part of the winemaking process as it’s one step closer to the most anticipated moment – that first taste of their very own wine. Sharing your evolution from a wine lover to a craft winemaker is always rewarding, and certainly enough to make this the best job in the world!

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