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Wine and romance have shared a love affair for centuries. From intimate dinners for two to big and boisterous celebrations where love is declared over vows toasted with extra-special bottles, wine helps set the mood. We couldn’t agree more, so are unapologetically embracing our inner rom-com lover and celebrating a few of our favourite oenophile-leaning ways to say “I love you” during this month of Cupid’s reign. 

Create a candlelit dinner at home with a beautiful bottle of red

Life’s too short not to go all out once in a while with a French inspired meal for your one true love. Whether the subject of your affection is a fan of a classic steak dinner or a richly flavoured veggie feast, make the moment perfect. Prep a many-course menu, light the tapers, cue the sultry music and uncork a big-personality red wine. Try our Australian Cabernet Sauvignon wine kit. With dark fruit notes and a complex character, it delivers a much-loved interpretation of Old World meets New World style.

 Celebrate the moment with a lovely, lazy weekend brunch for two

What could be more romantic than a leisurely weekend brunch with your main squeeze? Why, one with a decadent menu, of course! How about French toast and fresh fruit, all with a drizzle of deep dark maple syrup? The wine to serve alongside: Try a lower-alcohol pour for mid-day indulgence, and one with flirty florality and lush fruit notes. The RJS Cru International German Gewürztraminer style is a great choice. Off-dry with just 11.5% ABV, it boasts plenty of tropical fruit, and was tailormade for sweet moments just like this.

 Pizza and great wine: Simply turn on an old movie and put the phones away

A quiet dinner-à-deux with a top-tier pizza pie, delicious bottle of red and an old romantic movie. Yep, this is love. If your takeout order leans to the meat-lover’s classic (it’s all about the sausage, right?!) keep our Australia Style Shiraz in mind. Deep, dark, rich and fruity with a hint of cassis, this should be your next RJS winemaking kit to try. We’re certain you’ll be turning off those phones and cherishing the moment.

Make beautiful music – and wine – together!

If you don’t buy into the Valentine’s Day hype, and take a pass on the cooking thing, we’re betting you’ll win points simply by asking your person if they’d like to make wine with you. Who wouldn’t be charmed by that invite? Choose one of RJS’s crowd favourites – a red blend such as our Australia Cru Select Cabernet, Shiraz and Merlot style. This kit mixes the essence of these three noble grapes to create a truly seductive wine with leather, pepper and jammy blackberry notes. Or introduce your wine-loving partner to something new. Or the Australia Gewürztraminer-Riesling blend: It’s a thoroughly charming style, bursting with notes of citrus, spice, slight minerality, sweet honey and flowers.

Movie-night takeout, candlelit indulgence, weekend brunch or sharing your winemaking passion, whatever your romantic plans, here’s wishing our RJS wines inspire moments of love and happiness.

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