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There’s a good reason Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most widely planted grapes in the world. Renowned for its versatility and refreshing qualities, wonderful Sauvignon Blanc comes in various styles, each offering a unique expression of this beloved grape variety. Native to southwestern France, Sauvignon Blanc became widely recognized during the 18th century, and is now planted all over the world. Whether you prefer the classic freshness of French expressions or the bold fruit-forwardness of New World renditions, there’s one for every palate. Find your favourite flavour profile below and start from there.

Tropical Fruit and Herbs

In South Africa, cooler coastal regions bring out tropical fruit flavours and herbal undertones. These wines often exhibit aromas of ripe citrus fruits alongside hints of green pepper and passion fruit, with a refreshing acidity. Try our South Africa Sauvignon Blanc style wine alongside fish and shellfish, as well as grilled veggies.

Citrus and Grass

New Zealand’s Marlborough region is renowned for its vibrant and fruit-forward style of Sauvignon Blanc. Bursting with aromas of ripe tropical fruits like passion fruit, pineapple and freshly cut grass, these wines boast a lively acidity and a refreshing finish. Our New Zealand Style Sauvignon Blanc is wonderful paired with a Thai curry, and summery dishes packed with herbs, like basil, dill and mint.

Herbs and Green Pepper

Look no further than our own backyard! Ontario Sauvignon Blancs are known for combining characteristics of both Old World and New World styles. Our cooler temperatures contribute to slower ripening of the grapes, allowing them to retain acidity while developing complex flavours. Here, you’ll find bright citrus flavours, including grapefruit, lemon, and lime, complemented by herbaceous notes such as freshly cut grass and hints of green bell pepper. Try our wonderfully versatile Ontario Sauvignon Blanc Style with an array of dishes, from seafood to summery salads.

Crisp Green Apple

Occasionally, especially in cooler climates or when the grapes are harvested at slightly lower sugar levels, Sauvignon Blanc may develop subtle green apple notes. Find them in our Heritage Estates Sauvignon Blanc Style. These notes can add complexity to the wine’s profile and complement its overall crispness and acidity, and suit light seafood dishes beautifully.

Sauvignon Blanc’s crisp acidity, vibrant flavours and versatile nature make it a wonderful choice for sunny days and warm evenings. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with food, this classic white never fails to impress.

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