An easy gift idea for all the wine lovers on your list: your own craft wine wrapped with a special touch.


– Hot glue gun
– Ruler
– Scissors
– 2 colours of extra wide wrapping ribbon (9″ wide shown here)
– Ribbon
– Tags
– And of course, your favourite RJS Craft Winemaking wine

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Step 1: Measure the inner red ribbon to 12.5 inches and cut. Measure the gold ribbon to 18 inches and cut.

Step 2: Fold the red ribbon to create a triangle. Place around the bottle and glue the end pieces together.

Step 3: Fold the gold ribbon to create a triangle. Place the gold ribbon slightly below the red ribbon so that the top of the red ribbon sticks out (if there is too much ribbon, fold 4-5 inches facing in). Glue in place.

Step 4: Measure the small ribbon to 24 inches and cut. Place around the bottle and tie in a bow.

Step 5: Write a special note on the tag and place on the bottle.