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August 17, 2023 | By Mark Wasserman

Leaves are Falling, Wine is Calling


September marks the transition from summer’s sizzle to autumn’s embrace, and what better way to navigate this versatile month than with a glass of wine in hand? Whether you’re soaking up the last rays of sun or cozying up to fall vibes, we’ve curated a collection of accessible and much-loved wine styles that perfectly complement your September adventures. Cheers to the world of wines that cater to every mood and occasion.

Outdoor Autumn Afternoon

As the days remain warm and inviting, seize the opportunity for a leisurely get-together on the terrace, back deck or dock. Enter Pinot Grigio, the light and refreshing choice that’s ideal for open-air sipping. Our En Primeur Winery Series Italian Pinot Grigio style, features delicate floral, fruit and citrus notes, and pairs beautifully with fresh salads, artisanal cheeses, and the sun-kissed atmosphere of September.

Labour Day BBQ

Bid adieu to summer with a Labor Day barbecue that’s bursting with flavor. Complement your grilled delights with a lively Cru Select New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Our take on this classic wine varietal is a style boasting zesty grapefruit, fresh-cut grass and a hint of oak, along with the acidity we all expect from Sauvignon Blanc. Expect it to contrast perfectly with your favourite rich barbecue sauces – and leave your taste buds dancing!

Backyard Bonfire

Embrace the crispness of early autumn evenings by gathering around a cozy bonfire with friends. The rich colour and intense cassis and fruit notes of our Cru Select Australian-inspired Shiraz wine style perfectly match the ambiance. Consider it an ideal companion as you share stories and laughter under the starry sky.

Wine and Dine Date Night

As the month progresses, seize the opportunity for a romantic dinner date. A rich Cru Select Amarone style of wine, with its velvety texture and rich red and black berry flavours, is a stellar choice. It complements your Italian dishes while enhancing the intimate atmosphere of the evening. Our Cru Select Rosso Grande, is another option, with its gorgeous ruby-garnet hue, dark berry and black cherry notes, lively spice and long, sultry finish – there’s so much to love.

Harvest Festival Fun

September’s arrival brings with it the anticipation of harvest festivals. Embrace the spirit of the moment with our En Primeur Winery Series Winemaker’s Trio Blend. For those who enjoy a modern, New World red wine style, this RJS favourite ticks all of the boxes. This crowd-pleasing style is an aromatic glass full of vanilla, red berries and black cherries and sweet flavours of ripe raspberry, chocolate and cherry. It’s ideal for a variety of cuisines and celebratory moments.

September offers countless occasions to celebrate, and whether you’re enjoying backyard wine-and-cheese get-togethers or cozy date-night dinners, wine helps elevate every moment. So, cheers to savouring the last traces of summer and also embracing the entertaining season to come. May these wine-style recommendations be your guide to navigating the month with flavour and flair!

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