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Restricted Quantities 2019 Presents: 4Fugitives

Every year craft winemakers explore new adventures through illustrious tales capturing the essence of our unique wines through our Restricted Quantities Premium Collection.

For our Restricted Quantities 2019 program, RJS Craft Winemaking is proud to bring you a thrilling new adventure in wine entitled, 4Fugitives. Featuring four notoriously great wines. Each fugitive hails from their wine’s country of origin, offering the personification of each grape’s unique character with that of their fugitive. Winemakers will also be able to enjoy learning about the notorious characters born of these regions, and their bold stories. We invite you to create, celebrate and share these wines with your family and friends.

Intense, masterful, defiant or smooth—whatever the preference, there’s a tale in every wine. A wine for every tale, and a fugitive for every cellar… four notoriously great ones.

Capture all four of these wines beginning this December:

    1. Chile Cabernet Merlot Syrah
    2. Australia Chardonnay Semillon
    3. Italy Nebbiolo
    4. Spain Monastrell

We have had some questions about our RQ19 program and pertaining to our RQ programs in general, and wanted to provide some answers for those interested:

Q: What was the inspiration behind this year’s program?

A: The inspiration behind this program comes from an initial idea of wanting to profile “Robin Hood-type” characters from each wine region – offering winemakers’ an interesting story line to accompany their craft wines with both cultural and historical elements to add another layer of intrigue and depth to the wines. We went a step further to draw comparisons between each fugitive and the wine they represent to add even more fun layers to the program.

Q: How long does it take to plan the restricted quantities program?

A: It takes over a year to plan the program – this includes everything from sourcing of the juices from their desired regions, developing the program concept, developing all the materials, producing the kits and then launching all of the wines to market. In fact, we’re already planning next year’s Restricted Quantities 20year anniversary program!

Over the next couple of months, our Craft & Cork blog will highlight all 4 of our notoriously great limited release wines – alongside provide more background on their fugitives and the lives they led.

Fill the cellar. Fill the glasses. Here’s to the most notorious collection of wine yet! The chase begins 12/2018.

Learn more about this program on our website here. 

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