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Viva Argentina, Let’s Cheers To Malbec Month!


Malbec, sometimes referred to as Côt, was just a minor grape when it first originated in the Southwest of France. A 2,000-year-old black grape with thick skin, the colour of a Malbec wine is so dark and inky, it’s almost opaque and has been coined with the nickname “Black Wine.” What may have started small, the popularity of Malbec has grown worldwide, and its story is certainly an interesting one.

In 1853, French agronomist, Michel A. Pouget, introduced Malbec to Argentina and on April 17th, 1853, the first agricultural school was founded as a way of adapting French grapes to the Mendoza, Argentina soil. This date marked the revolution of Argentina’s wine industry and put Argentina on the map as a region famous for Malbec. Today, over 75% of all Malbec grapes are grown in Argentina and April 17th is celebrated as World Malbec Day.

To keep with tradition, we have a great Argentinian Malbec to toast the occasion! Cru International Argentina Malbec Syrah Style blends Argentina’s most cherished red grape, Malbec, with spicy Syrah. The result is a medium-bodied wine with pleasant toasty aromas and hints of cherry and dark fruit. Pair a glass with earthy, smoky, and sharp flavours, like smoked chorizo, or even Argentinian beef empanadas accompanied by a tangy chimichurri sauce.

Another noteworthy Malbec we would recommend is Cru International Chile Malbec Style. Chile is well known for these deep, rustic red wines with intense cherry flavours and blended oak undertones. This one has warm spice notes and aromas of ripe blackberry and blackcurrant. Enjoy a glass alongside barbecue chicken drumsticks or Mexican-style fajitas.


Cheers with Malbec this month!

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