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June 26, 2024 | By Mark Wasserman

Exploring the World of Wine Cocktails

From classics like Sangria and Kir Royale to modern twists like Wine Slushies and Frosé, wine cocktails elevate any gathering with their vibrant and unique profiles, and there’s one to suit every palate and personality. And they’re fun, too! Let’s delve into the delightful world of wine cocktails with some delicious recipes that we hope inspire your next winemaking mission.


Wine + Gin

Wine and gin cocktails marry the botanical complexity of gin with the nuanced flavours of wine, creating a harmonious blend of aromas and tastes. From classic concoctions to inventive mixes, these cocktails offer endless creativity and enjoyment. Try a Rosé 75 – a pretty-in-pink elegant cocktail made with gin, sparkling wine and RJS Orchard Breezin’ Acai Raspberry Rapture, boasting tasty acai and sweet, ripe raspberries. Or craft a Peach Gimlet. Here, the classic gimlet gets a fruity, summery flair with a touch of honey and a base of luscious RJS Orchard Breezin’ Peach Perfection


Wine + Vodka

Vodka’s smooth neutrality makes it the perfect canvas for showcasing the vibrant flavours of wine, resulting in some wonderful creations. Try a Blackberry Punch cocktail, bursting with the flavours and aromas of tart cranberry, fresh lime juice and ripe blackberries. The starting point of that cocktail? It’s our RJS Orchard Breezin’ Blackberry Blast.  

Wine + Whisky

Whisky’s bold flavours add depth and complexity to wine cocktails. Mix up an Electric Slide for a fruity, fizzy cocktail made with RJS Orchard Breezin’ Very Black Cherry. Or try an Apple Bourbon Slush with RJS Orchard Breezin’ Green Apple Delight wine – a perfect cocktail that’s one part summer, one part fall! 


No exploration of wine cocktails would be complete without mentioning sangria, the quintessential Spanish libation. Whether made with red, white, or rosé, sangria is a celebration of flavour and freshness. Classic recipes call for combining wine with a medley of fruits, a splash of brandy or liqueur and a touch of sweetness for a pitcher of pure summertime bliss. Try this Tropical Twist Sangria made with RJS Orchard Breezin’ Tropical Lime for a fresh, zesty take. 

And don’t forget about the simplest wine cocktail of all: the classic wine spritzer. With its light and bubbly character, it offers a balance of fresh fruity flavours and effervescence. Just pair any of Orchard Breezin’ wine styles with some soda or sparkling wine and add a fruity garnish for a fuss-free, crowd-pleasing cocktail.

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