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Setting up your winemaking station

There is no better feeling than finally arriving home with your very first winemaking kit. Whether you are making a full bodied red wine or a sweet dessert wine, you will require the same equipment and need to set up your winemaking station the same way. The proper environment is very important to the winemaking process, and here are 5 key elements that will make your winemaking station great!

1) A strong and sturdy table or surface
2) A controlled temperature of 20-25°C/75-77°F
3) An area out of direct sunlight
4) Access to a sink (ideally with water hose attachment)
5) Proper ventilation

Now that you have the five main requirements for a proper winemaking station, you need to make sure that you have the right type of equipment to make your wine. Without the following equipment, it will be very difficult to make clean and stable wines that will age beautifully in the bottle. Don’t fret! We have made this easy for you – simply order your equipment kit through your nearest RJS Craft Winemaking retailer.

1B8A3353-Edit-2Included in Equipment Kit:
– 30L (8 US Gal) food grade primary fermenter
– 23L (6 US Gal) Carboy either glass or food grade plastic
– Airlock & Rubber Bung
– Auto Siphon with Rod and Hose
– Hydrometer & Test Cylinder
– 28in/70cm food grape plastic spoon
– Sani-Brew or OxySan used as a cleaner/sanitizer
– Wine Thief

Not included in kit:
– Measuring cup (2 cups/500mL)
– Thermometer
– Floor Corker
– Corks
– Wine Bottles

If you will be making wine on a regular basis or as part of a larger group of people that makes wine together, you will want to invest in all of the equipment listed above. Additional equipment such as a Buon Vino Mini Jet filter and an Enolmatic bottle filler are very handy pieces of equipment to have to make your process as smooth as possible. If you intend to make off dry table wines or late harvest and dessert wines, it is highly recommended that you invest in a filtering machine. Winemakers have great success in the making of RJS Craft Winemaking kits by using Buon Vino #3 (sterile 0.5 micron) filter pads. The #3 pads help to remove yeast cells, which helps to eliminate the risk of your wines re-fermenting in the bottle. These two pieces of equipment (ie. the filters and bottle fillers) can normally be rented from your local wine and beer making shop, so check with them first before you shell out the money to buy your own.


If you are a new winemaker, we suggest you consult with a Specialist at your local winemaking store to help you select the right equipment and possibly recommend additional products that will help with your winemaking success.

Everybody will have a different winemaking station set up and location.  No matter how you set your station up, if you follow these simple guidelines, you and your friends will be soon be raving about your delicious (and cellar stable) wines!

RJS_ChrisHolman_AuthorProfileChris Holman has been making wine professionally since 2006, which has led him to work in regions such as the Niagara Peninsula, Okanagan Valley, McLaren Vale South Australia, and Tasmania. Chris earned a 2 year diploma at Niagara College in Winemaking and Viticulture in 2008 and more recently he received a 4 year B.Sc degree majoring in Oenology and Viticulture at Brock University in 2015. His academic achievements in addition to his technical winemaking experience will allow him to provide our customers with excellent technical support and new ideas, helping them continue to make excellent wines.

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2 thoughts on “Setting up your winemaking station”

  1. Hello Chris Ilive in Parksville B.C. Iam buying my wine @ HOME HARDWARE 142 MORISON AVE. V9P-2G7. Was talking with Bill [owner] Iasked him to order me in a sweet red wine TOASTED CARNEL,RASPBERRY MOCHA , PREMIUM DESSERT WINE,OR A POMEGRANTEWILDBERRY, His reply was it is not on his list to order, Is there anyway Bill could order this or anyother that is not on his list. If so would you please let me know, or Iam sure Bill would not mind a call from u,. If nothing can be done can I PLACE AN ORDER MYSELF. If u can which of the above would be the sweeter, or can add something for a sweeter wine, as I am very new at this but I am going to get a lot better, THXS ROD K. my # 250-937-1868

    1. Hi Rod,

      I am sorry to hear that you haven’t been able to order the kits that you are interested in. There is an excellent retailer in Parksville called HOPFINGERS U-BREW & WINEMAKING. They are located at 204 East Island Highway, V9P 2H3 and their phone number is 250.954.1194. If you give them a call they should be able to order in one of these kits for you.

      Of these kits that you have listed, the Premium Dessert Wine would be the sweetness followed the Orchard Breezin Pomegranate Wildberry Wave and then with the Toasted Caramel and Raspberry Mocha wines being slightly less sweet then the Wildberry Wave. If you have any further questions you can contact me at 1 800 663 0954.

      Hope that helps!


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