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Restricted Quantities 2021 Presents: The Arcana Collection

Every year RJS Craft Winemaking offers a new line-up of premium, unique wines through the limited release program, Restricted Quantities. The year 2021 marks Restricted Quantities’ 21st program and RJS Craft Winemaking is proud to present five new wine revelations with the Arcana Collection, a premium collection as timeless as tarot. Explore the past, present, and future starting this January 2021

 with five mystical wines all inspired by Arcana tarot cards. From France, Italy, and Spain, these five world-class European wines connect through space, time, and humanity to reveal intriguing new insights.

Uncover the intuitive spontaneity – the powerfully complex – the confidently bold – the expressive authenticity – the uncompromisingly balanced. Journey into the mystical realm of tarot and discover new experiences with these five new limited release wines:

  • Spain Tempranillo Merlot – The Empress                          January 2021 reveals all
  • Spain Muscat – The Chariot                                                  January 2021 reveals all
  • France Cabernet Sauvignon – The Emperor                    February 2021 reveals all
  • Italy Nero d’Avola – The Magician                                          March 2021 reveals all
  • France Rosé – The Wheel of Fortune                                        April 2021 reveals all

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