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How To: Summer BBQ Pairing Menu


Summer brings the heat! It’s a season loved for having sunny-filled weather days and delicious meals done entirely on the grill. The backyard patio is in full swing with friends frequently flocking over to sit outside and enjoy a glass of wine. Whether you’re busy hosting large family gatherings or prepping for an intimate weeknight bite, food straight off the grill is a staple for summertime get-togethers.

If you’re looking for a wine to complete your feast, this line-up of Heritage Estates wines complements a wide range of barbecue favourites. For those classic beef burgers and succulent steak dinners, try Heritage Estates Vieux Château du Roi. A traditional, unoaked French-style red wine with fruit-forward berry flavours and spicy notes – it’s the perfect match for red meats.

When it comes to light dishes, like fish or garlic shrimp skewers, go for light and bright wines, like Heritage Estates California Style White. An unoaked and dry white wine with a refreshing and fruity taste, the flavours in your seafood will shine through!

For juicy chicken kabobs and appetizing turkey burgers, Heritage Estates Sauvignon Blanc Style is an excellent choice. A medium-bodied white wine, brimming with green apple, herbal notes, and a crisp, clean finish. This popular varietal will complement the delicate flavours of these white meats.

From eggplant and zucchini to peppers and corn, vegetables truly come to life when placed on the grill. Pair your fresh and colourful dishes with a veggie-loving wine, like Heritage Estates Pinot Noir Style. A light-bodied red with crisp acidity, soft tannins, cherry, and red berry notes – it’s a fantastic choice!

When it comes to barbecuing, the possibilities are endless: meats, vegetables, and even some fruits. The smoky flavours absorbed into your food are ones we all crave during summertime, plus the clean-up is minimal, which is a huge benefit to the host. Craft the perfect sip to pair with your everyday barbecue moments and celebrations – we can help!


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