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Holiday Gifting Ideas

The popularity of handmade gifts has risen both because of their uniqueness, but also because of the craftsmanship and the labour of love that goes into creating them, making them so special to receive. Especially in today’s day and age, where a new cellphone is released what seems to be every other week, and online shopping is becoming one of the main methods of shopping. The appreciation for the time and thought that goes into handcrafted has become very meaningful in a very digital age. With the holidays fast approaching, RJS Craft Winemaking wanted to provide you with some craft winemaking gift inspirations, to help you step up your holiday gifting game. The average wine kit produces approximately 30 bottles of wine, so there are many ways to leverage craft wine for use during the holidays – outside of enjoying with meals, or on its own of course!

Holiday Wine Card

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Wine bottle holidays cards are a new take on traditional holiday cards that are extra fun, as they can drink them too and they are simple to do, so long as you plan ahead. Craft a wine that speaks to your personal taste profile – whether that be a refreshing pinot Grigio or a peppery, rich cabernet sauvignon. The RJS Craft Winemaking product line up has something for everyone, and if not, your retailer can help you tailor a wine to meet your preferences. Then develop a custom label, like this one from, so it can be used as your own holiday card!

DIY Gift Box

Create a fully personalized gift box for that special someone in your life that shows them how thoughtful you are! Start by crafting a wine that you know they will love, and then adding a few of their favourite things to the box – whether it is chocolate, books, candles, makeup, seasoning etc. This is a simple DIY gift that will be sure to delight any receiver!


Hosting Gifts

The holiday season is filled with inevitable dinner parties and holiday events for work, friends, and family, and craft wine makes for the perfect hosting gift! You can choose to bottle your craft wine in 350ml or 750ml bottles, and personalize them with a beautiful, ‘Thank you’ label and voila – hosting gifts for the season! Take them to the next level by wrapping the bottle in fabric, then securing with cording and a stamped label for the perfect touch! Here’s a quick wrapping tutorial, which will help you make your wine the ultimate handcrafted present.


Craft Winemaking Experience

While a handcrafted gift made is special to receive, giving the gift of an experience or an activity also makes for a great gift! So why not give the gift of a craft winemaking experience with one of our Academy stores, and you can both create and customize a wine that you will both love – and it will be the gift that keeps on giving, as you will each get approximately 15 bottles each!



With about 60+ days to go until the holidays, now is the perfect time to start crafting if you want to try any of these gifting ideas! Contact or visit an Academy retailer near you to get started today.

Have other holiday gifting ideas? Comment below and share them with us.

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