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Easy Drinking Wines for Summer Entertaining


Summer is officially here… finally! After enduring months of mainly cool and rainy weather, there’s no better way to celebrate the sunny season than by dining al fresco. Whether it’s on a beach blanket, below a shady tree or under a starry night, eating outdoors and spending time with family and friends is good for the mind, body and soul.

Four versatile and unpretentious wines to have on hand that pair well with almost anything are Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Merlot and Nebbiolo. That’s because they each taste great with food or on their own.

It could be a spontaneous picnic in the park with your partner, a casual candlelit dinner in the backyard with besties, or just yourself with a good book, some snacks and a cozy hammock. Just try to avoid eating at dusk because that’s when biting insects are most active.

Since our Chile Chardonnay style is perfectly balanced with fresh acidity and bursting with hints of pineapple, melon and peach, it would go great with anything from cold shrimp cocktail and rich seafood pasta dishes to a basket of French fries or salty potato chips.

Our Chile Merlot style is soft, silky and smooth with a bouquet of earthy herbs, cherries, ripe plums and green olives. In the summer heat you can chill it slightly and serve it with everything from grilled steaks and Caesar salad to miso glazed salmon and a pasta salad. Or drink it on its own while you watch the leaves blow in the breeze.

Just don’t drink Merlot with spicy food. Save our (and savour) Germany Gewürztraminer Style for that! The Gewürztraminer is crisp with tropical fruits and complemented by aromas of roses and citrus. You can enjoy it with a pad Thai, chicken stir fry, shrimp curry or barbecue nacho chips.

In the shade or in the sun, our Italy Nebbiolo Style wine shines. Featuring notes of cocoa, oak and spices with firm acidity and a long finish, it is a luxurious sip on its own but it really shimmers when sipped along with roasted lamb, smoky ribs or a rich pasta or risotto.

Tip: to help control your wine and chip intake, keep them both slightly out of reach so you have to get up for refills (more challenging when ensconced in a hammock).

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