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DIY Wine bottle candle holders

The kids have gone back to school and fall is just around the corner, you’re probably starting to think about the holiday gift giving season that is coming up.  You’re a crafty one and want to add a special touch to each gift you give away this holiday season.  Well, we’ve got the perfect gift idea for you- wine bottle candle holders!

Instead of tossing your wine bottles, save them for this unique gift idea.  Once you make them you can use them your personal décor or save them for future birthday gifts or other special occasions.

Here’s how to get started, you’ll need:

-4-5 empty wine bottles (or as many gifts you need them for), cleaned with labels removed.

-Bottle cutter

-2 large pots


Step 1: Mark your cut line

First step will be to use the bottle cutter.  The cutting area should cut about 3.5 inches from the bottom of your bottles, once measured then create the scores directly on the bottle. It should look like an etching in the bottle.

Step 2: Freezing and heating the glass

Get your pots and fill 1 pot with hot water and the other with cold water (add ice cubes to cold water).  Next you’ll submerge the scored bottles until the scored line for 10-20 seconds in cold water, then lift it out and place in hot water so that the score line is submerged for another 10-20 seconds.  Repeat this until the score line forces the bottle to pop off the bottom.

Step 3: Dry and Sand the edges

Dry your bottle and use your sandpaper to file the sharp edges down (should take about a 1 minute).  Be careful not to scratch the glass further down.

Step 4: Candle

Now you can add your candles to the base or package it up as a gift or decorate with a fun custom label!

Enjoy your new wine candle holders!

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