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Wine Tasting Party

With spring in full swing, it’s easier than ever to gather a group of friends for a wine tasting party! Learning about wine and developing your own preferences, does not have to be work. Put down the textbook. Abandon the lecture hall. And start having fun with wine! The idea is to taste a group of wines together – allowing you to compare them. Simply follow these easy steps to organize your party:

  1. Choose a theme: everyone brings a bottle of craft wine – can be different varietals, or perhaps even the same varietal but different ages… let your imagination run wild!
  2. Invite your friends and have everyone bring a bottle that fits the theme!
  3. On the day of, put out some decent stemware with a few different cheeses, crackers and sliced baguette.

That’s it, no need to be more formal than that! And while tasting, discuss each wine in the simplest of terms:

  • I like this (why?)
  • I hate this (why?)
  • I taste this
  • When paired with the cheese, I taste this

At the end of the night, everyone will have probably found a wine or two that they really like. And you’ve had a great party!







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