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Welcome to our new Craft & Cork

Botteled WineIt’s a newsletter. It’s a blog. But most importantly, Craft & Cork is a place where RJS and its retail partners can share their passion and knowledge about craft winemaking with the world (starting with people in our own backyard).

We craft winemakers are a passionate group of people – from the sourcing team at Constellation Brands who source the best varietals in the world, to the research and development team who use their winemaking expertise to develop the most sought after wine kits. Impassioned craft wine store owners also share their enthusiasm as the experts who help amateur winemakers make top-quality wines. And finally, craft winemakers themselves are at the root of this collective passion – each one with a story as to why they love to make their own craft wine and then take pride in sharing it with family and friends.

Passion for Craft Winemaking

The team at RJS Craft Winemaking wants to further fuel this passion for craft wine and craft winemaking. Craft & Cork does this by adding to the conversation about everything to do with personal small batch wine making. So many people are interested in knowing more about how to make their own wine from a premium wine kit. For some, friends have told them making craft wine is a more affordable way to enjoy top quality wine. For others, wine making just fits who they are: people who try something or see something and think, “I could make that.”

Wine Sampling

Thousands of people across North America are already pursuing their passion by making their own wine. Many of these amateur winemakers look to their local RJS Craft Winemaking specialists to help them make the very best craft wine. The RJS Craft Winemaking Academy members are widely acknowledged for their small batch wine making skills and their commitment to offering their customers an exceptional craft winemaking experience.

We will publish our new Craft & Cork blog two times each month throughout the year, covering a wide range of wine interests including winemaking, food and wine pairings, and wine regions around the globe. Most importantly, we will strive to include the voice of store owners who bring our products to craft winemakers every day, and provide a vehicle to share our mutual interest in making craft winemaking more visible to our current customers, and to those who have yet to discover its joys.

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Craft & Cork. Make it your own.

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