December 29, 2020 | By

New Year, New Resolutions!

  May we suggest that you put those ambitious New Year’s resolutions aside for a few months because if there was ever a January where you needed permission to love yourself just the way you are, it’s this one! With that in mind, here are some ways that you can exercise your mental and emotional health muscles through staying connected wit.. Read More
November 30, 2020 | By

The Gift of a Craft Winemaking Experience!

  During the holiday season, we know that finding the perfect holiday gift for your loved one is at the very top of your to-do list. That’s why this year we’re recommending adding some flare and creativity to your holidays, by giving your loved one’s do-it-yourself wine-themed Christmas Gifts: DIY 12 Days of Wine: A fun spin on an.. Read More
October 26, 2020 | By

Holiday Hosting

  With an ever-changing world, comes the opportunity to try something new! That is why we’ve created a list of wine pairings and gift suggestions for the 2020 Holiday season. You can count on us, so your evening of entertaining runs as smooth as possible and your guests leave happy and full, no matter how many may attend! Wine Pairings &.. Read More
September 29, 2020 | By

Our Top Picks for the 2020 Holiday Season

With the holidays quickly approaching, there is no better time to start thinking about what to get your loved ones this season. Since we know how busy the holiday season can be, we put together a list of holiday gift ideas and pairings featuring some of our favorite wines, so you can take back some time to spend with your family. For the Host: .. Read More
July 28, 2020 | By

Restricted Quantities 2021 Presents: The Arcana Collection

Every year RJS Craft Winemaking offers a new line-up of premium, unique wines through the limited release program, Restricted Quantities. The year 2021 marks Restricted Quantities’ 21st program and RJS Craft Winemaking is proud to present five new wine revelations with the Arcana Collection, a premium collection as timeless as tarot. Explore the pa.. Read More

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