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Looking for a new hobby in 2020? Try craft winemaking!

Do you love wine and are looking to pick up a new hobby in 2020? Why not try your hand at making your own wine. Craft winemaking is fun, social, rewarding, cost effective and so much more! Still not totally convinced as to why you should try it? Read on to learn more.

Winemaking has changed drastically from the past when it was an inexpensive alternative to store bought wines – not only has the quality improved, but so has the experience and product offerings that mirror store-bought wine trends; allowing you to craft a wine similar to one you are currently buying.

There are so many more reasons though to craft your own wine, and here are just a few:

It’s fun.

Craft winemaking is a unique experience that’s stress-free. You’ll have fun learning more about wine throughout the process and enjoy sharing it with friends and family.

It’s social.

Craft winemaking is a great activity to enjoy with friends and family. It also gives you a chance to meet other winemakers and share tips for making great wine.

It’s rewarding.

Add winemaking to your list of accomplishments. Create something you are proud to share with friends and family, and make yourself the family wine connoisseur with all the vino knowledge you’ll gain!

It’s cost-effective.

Craft wine that is competitive to store bought wine both in quality, varietals and in price.

It’s convenient.

By crafting your own wine, you’ll always have bottles on hand with fewer trips to the local liquor store. For reference, the standard kit produced 30 x 750ml bottles of wine.

It’s green.

Reusing your wine bottles reduces the amount of glass that needs to be produced for wine consumption. Being enviro-friendly benefits us all.

It’s customizable.

Customize your by making it a sweeter taste profile, adding more oak, or making the kit without sulphites – the opportunities to personalize it to your unique taste are endless. And once crafted, the extra fun part is naming your wine and creating a custom label to adorn your bottles with!

It’s for everyone!

Whether it’s your first-time crafting wine or your 100th – it is for all experience levels. When you craft wine

in store with a winemaking specialist, they will guide you through your winemaking experience from selection, to crafting, to bottling and labelling – making it a hassle-free experience for anyone. And if you want to get really hands-on, you can make your own wine at home and earn some serious bragging rights.

It’s craftsmanship!

In a world of convenience, there’s something to be said about appreciating the time it takes to make something. Crafting wine is not an instant gratification hobby, but we assure you it’s worth the wait… besides it’s only a 4-8 week wait depending on the kit you craft!

It’s local

When you choose to craft at a retailer near you, you are supporting a local small business, and their surrounding neighbourhood.

Do we have you convinced?! Contact a retailer near you today to start crafting your own wine:

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