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Holiday Hosting


With an ever-changing world, comes the opportunity to try something new! That is why we’ve created a list of wine pairings and gift suggestions for the 2020 Holiday season. You can count on us, so your evening of entertaining runs as smooth as possible and your guests leave happy and full, no matter how many may attend!

Wine Pairings & Gift Suggestions

Lean on us to bring wine flavourful pairing ideas and gift suggestions that are sure to impress this holiday season!

The perfect holiday drink to start off your meal is a medium-bodied Australia Style Chardonnay. With a light oak, notes of pineapple, peach and a subtle hint of pear, it pairs well with a light, fresh bruschetta to highlight your holiday appetizer course.

For a second course, we suggest pairing a bold-flavoured medium oak Pinot Noir style wine with a seasonal pumpkin soup or a pan-seared salmon. Featuring a medium-body and notes of ripe cherries, red berries and spices, a Pinot Noir is the ideal drink to serve before diving into the warm third course.

Featuring medium-oak and flavours of black cherries and tobacco, an Italy Style Valpola is a great flavour to highlight your heaviest dish, such as pan seared pork or chicken, our Italian Style Vapola enhances the spicy flavours on the finish.

And to finish off your impressive Holiday feast, a nice a crisp Sauvignon Blanc style wine to compliment your white chocolate cheesecake you’ve had chilling for the end of the meal! The rich, fruity aromas of the Sauvignon Blanc take the understated balance of white chocolate and add a layer of fruit that doesn’t overpower.

All four wines are also great gifting ideas for the foodies or wine enthusiasts in your life! With our exciting, bold pairings and suggestions, we hope you will have more time to spend to connect with your loved ones this holiday season.


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