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July 20, 2023 | By Cristal Pico

Essential Summertime Wines for Cottage Life


Cottage, cabin or chalet, however you refer to that idyllic summertime destination, there’s nothing quite like it. To enhance your cherished time there, we’re of the mindset that the perfect wine pairings make the moments even better, whether you’re enjoying a lazy brunch or lunch, chilling in the sun or shade, or joining friends and family to take in the day’s golden hour sunset.

Best Wine Choices for Brunch and Lunch

RJS’s Italy Verdicchio and Germany Gewürztraminer wine styles suit the cottage vibe beautifully. The former is a white wine known for its crispness and lively acidity, making it a fantastic companion for a variety of light, bright dishes. Its zesty citrus flavors and subtle herbal notes complement the freshness of lunchtime salads, seafood, and grilled vegetables. You can also count on it to cut through rich flavors so it’s excellent if your country brunch is all-out luxurious with the likes of Eggs Benny.

On the flip side, a German Gewürztraminer style of wine offers a unique aromatic experience. With its distinct floral and tropical fruit notes, it brings complexity – and a bit of romance – to your meal. Its slightly off-dry character balances the spice and richness of dishes like quiche and smoked salmon.

 Great Wine for Lounging by the Lake

Whether you’re sunning on the dock or relaxing in the shade of the big maples at the shore, go ahead and pour some Chardonnay into that pretty, plastic outdoor goblet. RJS offers both a Chile Chardonnay Style from our En Primeur Winery Series and a California Chardonnay Style from our Cru International lineup to suit a range of palates. The former is fruit-forward with lively acidity and medium body, while the latter showcases tropical fruit notes in addition to crisp green apple and well-integrated oak. Both are exceptional matches for your best swimsuit life.

Popular Wines for the Golden Hour

If you’re seeking a crowd-pleasing wine to serve as the day winds down and you gather friends and family to take in the glowing sunset, opt for well-balanced, crowd-pleasing white and red-wine blends. Our Argentina Trio White is a trusted style for all types of hosting. It unites the florality of Viognier, the minerality of Riesling and the tropical notes of Chardonnay.

For red-wine enthusiasts, red blends combine the best of several varietals too. Our RJS Australia Cabernet Shiraz Merlot Style is a perfect full-bodied example. It displays all that is tasty in a warm-climate blend. There’s both elegance and richness, spicy black pepper and velvety leather notes as well as an intense jammy blackberry character. It’s a spot-on match for that charcuterie board everyone loves, and will also suit the barbecue feast that follows.

For wine lovers, enhancing time at your cottage, cabin or chalet is as simple as choosing the right wines for each occasion. From brunch and lunch with crisp and aromatic whites, to classic Chardonnay for daytime lounging and those trusted blends for sipping while the sun sets, these recommendations are sure to elevate your by-the-lake moments and help you savor the essence of summer in every single glass.


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