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Easter Bunny Milkshake Recipe Using Red Wine

Celebrate Easter with this adorable and decadent chocolate Easter bunny shake. Bonus: it includes red wine! These would be perfect to fill with milk for brunch or even a cocktail for dinner with friends. We used one of our Pinot Noir wines for this recipe, but truly you can use any red wine! We do recommend using a varietal of red that is light to medium-bodied and fruit-forward.



  1. Cut the tip off the ear until you have enough space to add a funnel and straw.
  2. Prep all your bunnies ahead of time the same way. Bonus – you get to eat the cut off chocolate!
  3. Next, make your shakes! In a blender, blend ice cream, red wine, and vodka until smooth.
  4. Carefully pour your shake into your bunny cup with a funnel. Gently tapping the bunny/funnel to work the shake down.
  5. The smaller bunnies don’t hold a lot of shake, but that’s ok because if you’re going to eat the bunny after, you don’t need a ton of shake anyway.
  6. Add some whipped cream and a straw.
  7. A cherry (or candy egg) on top is always a fun touch too.
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