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Creative ways to re-use wine corks

As the holidays are behind us, you might be dealing with left over wine bottles and corks. Instead of throwing those corks away, you can use them for a DIY project and decorate your home! Continue reading below for tips on how to re-use your leftover corks!

We gathered our Top 3 wine cork craft ideas:

Make Coasters!

Image result for wine cork coastersRe-using your leftovers corks adds that extra level of personalization to your table décor.

Materials (makes two coasters)

  • 4 wine corks
  • Sharp knife
  • Felt or cork roll
  • Glue gun


  • Cut each cork down the center using sharp knief (so that one side is flat)
  • You should have 8 wine corks
  • Apply the glue to the flat side of the cork on to the cork piece or felt in twos (or row of 4’s)
  • That’s it you now have wine cork coasters!
  • Repeat steps for more coasters

Make place card holders!

Let your next party be a little more customized by adding a personal touch of wine cork name card holders!


  • Left over wine corks (for however many guests you have)
  • Sharp knife or X-acto knife
  • Paper or Card stock
  • Marker
  • Pen


  • Take a wine cork and with a pen make a straight line down the middle
  • Using the X-acto or sharp knife slice a groove down the middle of the wine cork using your knife (cut to half way down so that you card doesn’t fall out)
  • Cut your paper/card stock 1-2 inches wide and 5-6 inches long.
  • Using your marker write the name
  • Place paper/cardstock in the wine cork groove
  • Repeat steps for the number of guests attending.


Make Cork Magnets!

Looking for ways to remember your grocery list or upcoming events, why not put reminders on your refrigerator by making your own magnets using wine corks!


  • Wine cork(s) (as many corks as you want)
  • Small Magnets (purchase from local craft store)
  • Drill
  • Glue gun


  • Take the drill (use a bit that is of similar size to the magnet) and drill small hole into cork
  • Using the glue gun, and fill the drilled hole in cork to fill up with glue (be sure not to over flow the hole)
  • Place magnet where the glue is
  • Let it dry for 5mins
  • Repeat steps for more magnets





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