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Crafting Wine: A Fun Team Building Activity!

What better way to celebrate ‘National Fun at Work Day’ on January 31, 2020 than by crafting wine with your office! It’s guaranteed fun for everyone and makes 30 bottles to share once crafted. Plus who doesn’t want their own team-branded wine?!

Interested in learning more? When you craft wine at a local retailer, you can become a winemaker in 5 easy steps with the guidance of a craft winemaking specialist.

As the process requires 2 store visits, we would recommend your team decide together what style of wine you’d like to craft and appoint a few members to head in store to start your kit. OR you can head in for both visits together as a team to learn more about which wine would be best for your team to craft, and start your kit together! Here’s a quick video of two different teams at one of each of the visits either starting or bottling their wine:

It will ferment for 4-8 weeks depending on the tier of kit you select, then the real fun begins when you get to bottle your wine! Schedule your bottling appointment for a time your entire team can attend. Everyone can take part in bottling, corking, labeling and putting shrinks on your bottles. Sample your wine as you work, and perhaps you’ll be treated to some snacks or pairings by your retailer.

Once done, show off your team’s wine at the office and maybe even launch a Thirsty Thursday or Friday Celebration at 4pm to celebrate. Serve your wine alongside some recommended food pairings by your retailer, and toast to team building and great times together!

Contact a retailer near you to get crafting today:

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