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Chill Your Wine Instantly!

Wine typically takes 2-3 hours to cool in the fridge, an hour in the freezer, or even the 15 minutes it can take to chill your wine in a bin of ice and salt! We have a great solution that allows you to chill your wine instantly, and provides a booze-infused snack once you’re finished – frozen fruit! This is another great alternative to the wine ice cubes we recommended in July to ensure you aren’t watering down your wine with ice cubes.

Just about any sweet fruit will pair well with crisp white wine, while sweeter wines, like Riesling and some White Zinfandels tend to pair better with tart berries and cherries. But really, there are no hard-set rules here— get adventurous, mix and match and find out which combination works best for you!

Here is a guide of the best frozen fruit & wine pairings to try:

Raspberries – Rosé

Peaches – Chardonnay

Riesling – Blackberries

Muscat – Mango

Sauvignon Blanc – Blueberries

Pinot Grigio – Pineapple

White Zinfandel – Cherries



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