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Rows of white wine glasses
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Are you serving your wine in the most suitable glass?

With the holidays fast approaching, odds are you will soon be hosting guests and serving your best craft wines. Although glassware is obviously not as important as the wine inside, your craft wine will taste its best when served in the appropriate wine glass. The perfect glass will also showcase your skills as a winemaker and as a superb host or hostess. Here are a few suggestions for glasses that will best enhance the aromas and flavours of the types of wines you are serving…

Red wine glass
Traditional Large Bowl Style

Respect the Reds

A smooth glass of red is always a go-to option during cold, winter holidays.  For many craft winemakers, serving their prized reds in the correct glass is essential. Red wine is at its best in a traditional red wine glass with a larger bowl, as the bowl allows the bold aromas room to breathe. Richer red wines (like Cabernet Sauvignon) do well in taller and larger Bordeaux style glasses, which help direct the flavours of the wine to the back of the mouth. For lighter and younger wines (like a Pinot Noir), a broader Burgundy style glass helps keep the sweet flavours at the tip of the tongue. Sipping your reds from these glasses will ensure your holiday craft wines are enjoyed to their fullest.

Flared rim style wine glass
Flared Rim Style

For the White Wine Lovers

If you’re eager to share your favourite white vintage, chill your craft wine to 5 to 11°C (41 to 52° F) and serve it in the right glass. White wines are typically served in a glass with a smaller bowl which keeps them chilled and provides the perfect distance for the wine to reach the mouth before losing flavour. A flared rim style glass is considered to be one of the best options for serving white wine, especially younger and lighter whites. A taller U-shaped glass will also work  well for a more mature white.

stemless wine glass
Stemless Style

Casual, Everyday Serving?

Nowadays stem-less wine glasses are popular for casual entertaining. Without the stem, these glasses make for easier clean up (always welcome this time of year!). But beware, the lack of stem may be a problem for certain whites or rosés, as holding the glass at the bowl will raise the temperature of the wine. If you are really looking for no-fuss entertaining, the classic stemmed style glass with a tall shape and a broad bowl will allow you to “sample” a plethora of craft wine – from rosés to bold reds.

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Craft winemakers know that when it comes to wine, the wine itself is always more important than the glass. If your craft winemaking skills are top notch, your guests will be impressed with any of your wines served in whatever style of glass. However, if you’re looking to enhance the flavours of your best work and impress your friends, choose a style of glass that is best suited to your wine choice and your personality.

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