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March 21, 2023 | By Cristal Pico

April Showers Bring Me-Time Moments With Wine

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. That old saying guides us during these rainy spring days. We know showers will help make those May flowers spring into action next month, but they make it a little damp for outdoor activities. As a result, we’ve sharing our top-five, wine-loving things to do that make the most of indoor downtime.

  1. Head to the Home Theatre
    It feels so wonderfully decadent to cuddle up on the sofa at home and watch a movie during daylight hours. So pick your flick, draw the curtains and get the refreshments happening. Of course, we’re all about the snacks. Popcorn is apropos, but we’re adulting here, so let’s go with popcorn and wine to match. Fans of popcorn tossed with Parmesan will love it with a glass of our Australian Chardonnay style white. Clean and crisp and true to Chardonnay’s signature character, its richness – plus vanilla and clove flavours – is a super match with this elevated movie snack.
  2. Plan a Getaway
    It may be drizzling outside but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of it by planning your next vacation. If the rustic Italian countryside is on your globetrotting wish list, map out your itinerary while enjoying a glass of wine that epitomizes those experiences. Our Italy Style Rosso Grande is a truly food-friendly wine. Its spicy oak bouquet and juicy ripe berry and black cherry flavours will have you channelling Italy and all of the gorgeous menu items it’s known for.
  3. Map out the Garden
    It’s officially spring and gardening lovers are counting down the days until they can get their hands dirty. If you’re in that gardening mindset, a rainy day is a gift for detailing out your season-opening, garden-centre shopping list. What better way to savour the moment when planning than with a glass of rosé – especially one in flower-loving, Provencal tradition like our French Rosé. It’s a classically styled, light-bodied rosé full of spiced strawberry and crisp, refreshing citrus notes that will appeal to flower lovers everywhere.
  4. Escape in Storytime
    Do you have a pile of reads on your bedside table or a long list of bookmarked podcasts you’ve been trying to make time for? The good news: April showers enable me-time moments. A rainy spring day creates the ideal opportunity to curl up in your favourite cozy nook, pour yourself a glass of wine and dive in. A crisp, floral and fruity wine, like our Germany Riesling style, suits the scene. It’s quiet time at its finest.
  5. Make an Extra Awesome Dinner
    When all-day rain is forecasted, prep a dinner menu that benefits from extra attention or available cooking time. We’re thinking a big hearty baked casserole, roasted spring lamb roast or slow-cooker pulled pork and red wine to go with it. Our Argentina Malbec Syrah Style is a big red with spice, toasty aromas and hints of cherry and other dark fruit, and it’s definitely simpatico with these foodie ambitions.

So let springtime showers inspire all types of lemonade-from-lemons thinking. We call it dream time despite the drizzle, and we’re here for it!

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