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January 6, 2023 | By Cristal Pico

A New Year Calls for a Refreshing Change


Every new year is a chance to stop and reflect. Looking back on the past helps us realize where we can start making small adjustments to shape our future. With wine, that can mean lightening up your glass with a spritzer! This simple cocktail dilutes the wine by 25% – 50% leaving behind a concoction that is bubbly and refreshingly satisfying. It works with any type of wine, from red and white to rosé – the difference is the ratio.  

For red spritzers, use equal parts wine and soda water. We recommend En Primeur Winery Series Australia Pinot Noir, it’s dry and elegant with flavours of ripe black cherries, red berries, and subtle spice. Pair this varietal with grilled salmon, sweet onions, and red bell peppers for a sensation combination. Another fantastic option is En Primeur Winery Series Chile Merlot, a classic wine with a rich aromatic bouquet of fresh cherries, dark plum flavours, and silky tannins. Serve with grilled beef or Caesar salad and meatballs. Garnish your red wine spritzer with berries or an orange wheel.  

For white and rosé spritzers, pour 3 parts wine and 1 part soda water. Try Cru Select Italy Style Pinot Grigio, it’s dry and light-bodied with bright citrus, green apple aromas, and honeydew tones. An excellent choice for delicate dishes, like garlic and lemon shrimp or fresh crab salad. If you prefer a herbaceous white, we suggest Cru Select New Zealand Style Sauvignon Blanc. It’s nice and crisp with flavours of grapefruit peel and freshly cut grass. Enjoy it alongside chicken, goat cheese, or pesto pasta. Finish off your white wine spritzer with a lemon wedge. 

For rosé lovers, try Cru International French Rosé Style, it’s light-bodied with spiced strawberries and crisp, citrus aromas. For food pairings, Italian paninis or an Israeli cous cous salad complement this wine beautifully. Cru International California White Zinfandel Style is also a wonderful wine in spritzers. An easy-sipping blush, it offers fresh floral notes, berry flavours, and a soft, off-dry finish. Pair it with lobster or grilled lemon halibut – it’s incredibly delicious! Put the finishing touch on your rosé wine spritzer with a rosemary sprig.  

For wonderful wines to lighten up your spontaneous moments and special occasions this year, shop RJS craft winemaking kits. We wish you continued health and happiness in 2023 and beyond! 

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