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White Zinfandel

The Grape

Zinfandel is a dark skinned red wine grape variety that is mostly grown in the California wine region. White Zinfandel is the name of slightly sweet rosé wines made from Zinfandel grapes. These rosy pink wines get their colour when the juice is allowed to have contact with the grape skins after they are crushed.

The Wines

Often abbreviated as “White Zin”, this wine is typically dry to sweet and pink in colour. Rosé wines and White Zinfandel are both made in similar ways but can taste quite different. White Zinfandel tends to be made sweeter and more pinky in comparison to rosé wines which tend to be drier and range in colour from onion skin to deep-salmon to candy red apple. You can expect flavours of fresh strawberry, sweet peach and melon, rounded with subtle hints of nutmeg and clove.

The Occasions

Zinfandel has a youthful exuberance that is enjoyable to sip on its own or with a number of different dishes. Since its palate is a bit sweeter and fruit forward, try serving it at an outdoor BBQ. White Zinfandel pairs well with corn bread, lamb skewers and coleslaw.