Find Your Wine Style.

Whether you want to make a single grape varietal wine or a blend, RJS Craft Winemaking kits are made with the finest juices and concentrates to make your favourite wine styles. Use our wine selector to learn more about wines you love and possibly discover new wines that might be your next favourite.


The Grape

A rosé is a style of wine that absorbs some of the colour from the skins of the grapes, but not enough for the wine to be considered red. The word rosé come from the French word for pink. In Spanish and Portuguese rosé wines are called rosado and in Italy there are referred to as rosato. The colour of rosé can range from a pale orange to a vivid near-purple, depending on the grape varietals used in making the wine.

The Wines

Flavours in rosé wines will differ depending on the grape varietals and the winemaking techniques used to make the wine. French style rosés, from the Tavel region in France, are very popular nowadays. They are usually made with a blend of grapes, with Grenache as the most dominant. They tend to be light to medium pink in colour, feature strawberry aromas, and a soft, slightly fruity taste. French style rosés are typically made in a drier style than those from the New World.

The Occasions

Rosés are unpretentious wines that always pair well with simple foods and sunny days. Think of Mediterranean style foods – foods that feature olives and capers – when pairing your rosé wine. A classic Nicoise salad is always a good choice. Grilled chicken will work too if it is prepared with little fuss.