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Vidal Style Dessert Wine

The Grape

Vidal Style Dessert Wine is crafted to replicate the flavours and aromas of a classic Canadian ice wine made from Vidal grapes. Vidal is a white hybrid grape variety created by crossing Ugni Blanc and another hybrid variety called Seibel 4986. It is a very winter-hardy variety making it well suited to the Canadian climate. Winemakers make ice wine by harvesting and pressing the grapes once they are frozen on the vine. Only a small amount of concentrated, very sweet juice is extracted because the water is left behind as ice.

The Wines

Vidal Style Dessert Wine is a luscious, intensely flavoured wine, boasting rich aromas and flavours of boasts delicious creamy peach, candied citrus peel and honey. Because the Vidal grape also has a firm backbone of acidity, the sweetness is perfectly balanced with a pleasing and refreshing tartness. Like classic ice wines, our Dessert Wines usually have a slightly lower alcohol content than regular table wine – between eight and 13 percent.

The Occasions

Vidal Style Dessert Wine is a perfect complement to a sophisticated soiree. Pair it with rich, strongly flavoured appetizers such as foie gras and aged blue cheeses. You can also use it as a “dosage”—try adding a splash to give a new dimension to sparkling wine or cocktails.