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Riesling Style Dessert Wine

The Grape

Riesling Style Dessert Wine is crafted to replicate the flavours and aromas of a classic ice wine made from Riesling grapes. Riesling, Germany’s signature grape, is a natural fit to make ice wine since this style of dessert wine originated in Germany and has been crafted there since 1794. Riesling is a cool climate grape that is loved for its notable acidity, important for balancing the sweetness that is created when making ice wine.

The Wines

Ice wines from white varieties like Riesling tend to be light gold in colour when they are young and can acquire a deep amber-golden colour as they age. Riesling Style Dessert Wine is a luscious, intensely flavoured wine, known for its honeyed, rich notes of tropical fruit like pineapple and lychee, balanced by the acidity characteristic of an ice wine. Our Dessert Wines usually have a slightly lower alcohol content than regular table wine – between eight and thirteen percent.

The Occasions

Riesling Style Dessert Wine is the perfect wine for someone with a sweet tooth. The succulent sweetness of the wine compliments many desserts – for a doubly sweet treat. Try it with crème brûlée or flan, fig, apricot or peach desserts, cheesecake or apple pie. Or, let the wine take center stage and pair it with a simple fruit plate.