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Pinot Blanc

The Grape

A member of the Pinot family, Pinot Blanc is a versatile white-wine grape that is used to produce still, sparkling and sweet dessert wines. Grown in Alsace France, Italy, Germany and Austria, the Pinot Blanc has a similar leaf structure and clusters as Chardonnay. Known as Pinot Bianco in Italy, Weissburgunder in Germany, the Pinot Blanc is well suited for cooler climates and produces a good crop of white-green grapes that mature to a pale purple-pink blush.

The Wines

Typically a medium-dry to dry white wine, Pinot Blanc is lighter flavoured in comparison to other white wines and has citrus, melon, pear, apricot and slight mineral undertones. It’s relatively high in acidity and oak is seldom used in the maturation process of Pinot Blanc.

The Occasions

Pinot Blanc is perfect for those who are looking to sip their wine with a casual meal. It pairs well with most dishes because of its softer palate. Simple dishes like fish, poultry or quiche are just a few examples of some easy-to-eat meals with this easy-to-drink wine.