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The Grape

Nebbiolo is a red wine grape variety used to make some of Italy’s most famous wines including Barolo, Barbaresco and Roero. Its name comes from the Italian word nebbia, which means “fog”, because during harvest in late October, a deep, intense fog sets into region where many Nebbiolo vineyards are located. Nebbiolo is a late ripening grape and needs sufficient warmth to develop the sugars and fruit flavours required to balance the grape’s naturally high acidity and tannins.

The Wines

Nebbiolo produces lightly-coloured red wines which can be highly tannic in youth, with scents of tar and roses. Traditionally Nebbiolo wines required extensive aging in order to soften their tannins. As they mature they reveal other aromas and flavours such as violets, wild herbs, cherries, raspberries, truffles, tobacco and prunes. Nowadays, like our Nebbiolo, more wines are made in the modern style making them approachable with minimal aging required.

The Occasions

One of the cherished aspects of Nebbiolo is its scent —it actually smells of roses. This makes the wine wonderful for celebrating special occasions, and perfect for the decanter. Decant your wine at least a half an hour before dinner and inhale the aromas. Pair it with food also worth celebrating, like a prime rib roast or a rack of lamb.