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The Grape

Originating in Germany, the Gewürztraminer’s homeland lies in the foothills of the Alps. Like the Pinot Grigio, this pink grape grows really well in cooler climates. Literally translated, Gewürztraminer means “spiced Traminer” in reference to its heritage as a mutation of the Traminer family of grapes. Alsace is now the world’s largest Gewürztraminer producer, but it is also grown throughout other wine making regions in the world including Italy, Australia, and the Unites States.

The Wines

Gewürztraminer is extremely aromatic. At first whiff you will get notes of lychee and sweet rose. Depending on the structure and complexity of the Gewürztraminer, you may get red grapefruit and ginger. Full-bodied, this wine ranges from dry to quite sweet. The heightened aromatics, lower acidity and higher alcohol levels allow many Gewürztraminer to taste sweeter than they actually are.

The Occasions

If you’re playing host at an upscale event, Gewürztraminer may be your white wine choice to serve your guests. Gewürztraminer is perfect to pair with gamey meats such as game terrines, foie gras, salmon mousse, and duck l’orange. Try it with your Turkey dinner at Thanksgiving or Christmas.