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The Grape

Bergamais is a wine styled after the famous wines from France’s renowned Beaujolais winemaking region. The primary red wine grape grown in Beaujolais is Gamay Noir. Gamay is now known to be a cross between Pinot noir and the ancient white variety Gouais, a Central European variety that was probably introduced to northeastern France by the Romans. Gamay is easier to grow than Pinot Noir and ripens two weeks earlier.

The Wines

Beaujolais winemakers use Gamay grapes to create a fruity wine by using a winemaking technique called carbonic maceration. The grapes are not pressed, but piled into a vat where the grapes at the bottom are crushed by the weight of the grapes on top. This juice ferments, and eventually causes fermentation to begin inside the skins of the unbroken grapes. The result is a uniquely fresh and fruity wine that is low in tannins and can be consumed young. Our Bergamais wine was created to exhibit a similar taste and style and does not require bottle aging.

The Occasions

When you open a bottle of Bergamais, treat it more like a white wine rather than a red. Serving it slightly chilled will bring out its fresh fruit flavours. Considering that it pairs best with lighter foods like salads, egg or tuna sandwiches, what better occasion to serve this wine than on a summer picnic at the park or beach?