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Bella Bianco

The Grape

Replicated from one of the most famous Italian white wines, Soave, the Bella Bianco has a naturally refreshing appeal. Soave wines are made from Garganega grapes that are grown in the Veneto wine region. Soave is Italian for “Suave” and while many believe that name reflects the smooth and sleek character of the wine, it actually comes from the name of the village Soave, just east of Verona. There are records proving that the Garganega vine has grown in the Soave area since ancient times.

The Wines

Flavours that can be expected from a Bella Bianco include peach, honeydew, citrus zest and subtle salty notes. Like a Soave, the Bella Bianco is dry with a smooth and oily richness that adds a little extra punch. Ranging from straw-yellow to honey-gold in colour, a Bella Bianco has a gentle acidity and bitter finish.

The Occasions

Make it a seafood night! Serve Bella Bianco with popular Italian seafood dishes like clams and gnocchi, squid ink linguini or scallops and risotto. Alternately, for a casual night in continue with an Italian theme but prepare easy Italian-inspired finger foods like prosciutto and melon or tomato and bocconncini kebabs.