winemaking barrels
May 14, 2015 | By

The Winery Series is making everyone rethink craft winemaking

Since the introduction of Cellar Classic’s Winery Series, winemakers across the country have been singing its praises as one the best wine kits available on the market today. “We’ve been pleased with the response to The Winery Series from our customers,” says Iain and Shannon, owners of Blanshard Street Winery in Victoria, BC, who have been i.. Read More
Uncorking wine bottle
April 17, 2015 | By

Welcome to our new Craft & Cork

It’s a newsletter. It’s a blog. But most importantly, Craft & Cork is a place where RJS and its retail partners can share their passion and knowledge about craft winemaking with the world (starting with people in our own backyard). We craft winemakers are a passionate group of people - from the sourcing team at Constellation Brands who sourc.. Read More
women winemaking business
March 1, 2015 | By

Women business owners convert craft winemaking hobby into legacy

Making a living doing something you’re passionate about is an aspiration many Canadians share, and an exciting reality for four Ontario women entrepreneurs who own craft wine making businesses in their communities. Twenty years ago, Michele Hirst was en route to starting a transportation logistics firm. But after a 24-hour road trip with her husban.. Read More
Maritime Wine Beer Emporium
February 1, 2015 | By

Legislative change leads to bold move for local storeowner

Amendments to the Nova Scotia Liquor Control Act made last in 2013 have proven to be a complete turning point for Tim Feeley, owner of the Maritime Wine & Beer Emporium – a Halifax store that specializes in craft wine and beer making. Although the regulatory changes weren't finalized until the fall of 2014, Tim knew he needed to take the opport.. Read More
Paul Kirton winemaker
January 1, 2015 | By

Alberta family business produces award-winning wines

The Fine Vine and Kirton family are a bit of a local legend among craft wine making enthusiasts in Western Canada. Throughout their 17 years in the craft wine making business, the Kirtons have racked up more than 50 international amateur winemaking awards. This year, the younger generation celebrated as their son Paul entered his own Chocolate Mint, .. Read More

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