Baco Noir

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Baco Noir

The Grape

Baco Noir is a French-American hybrid red wine grape discovered by French grape breeder François Baco in the late 1800’s. It is a cross between Folle Blanche (a cognac variety) and an unknown Vitis Riparia variety native to North America. It was first grown in the Niagara region in 1955 and is almost exclusively grown in the cooler wine regions of North America. It one of Ontario’s most widely planted grapes, ideal for the Ontario climate due to its ability to survive harsh winters.

The Wines

Baco Noir is known for producing rich, robust and highly pigmented red wines with pronounced acidity. Aromas of Baco wines are pleasantly rustic with a signature smokiness. On the palate, Baco Noir excites the tastes buds; its lush mixed berry and plum flavours are complemented by savoury and herbal notes. The best Baco Noir examples are made with some oak. They are capable of moderate to longer term aging, which will soften the wine’s acidity and integrate the flavours.

The Occasions

Baco Noir is the quintessential wine to serve at a summer barbeque. Since grilling adds powerful flavours to meat, serving a wine that can stand up the intensity of the meal is essential. Grilled meats meet their match with the rustic and robust flavours of a Baco. But don’t drink all your bottles while summer grilling, Baco Noir is also one of the best choices to serve with pizza’ any time of year.

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