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If you currently enjoy making homemade wines from kits, or are thinking of getting into this practice, then the place is just for you. We carry wine kits from a select number of manufacturers with a proven record of quality, reliability and customer care.

All our wine kits can be processed at our location for a small charge, or you can bring them home and do it yourself. Our large choice of wine kits will satisfy the most refined tastes and will also serve the beginner who wants an uncomplicated, easy to drink product.

It’s All About Choices
For example, our stock of wine kits includes concentrates (4-week kits); 16L juice/concentrate (6-week kits); 23L pasteurized juices (6-week kits). Only the very best grape juice concentrates and pure juice goes into these wine kits. So if you enjoy wines from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, California, Germany, France, Italy and South America, then we have the products to meet your needs.

Bits and Pieces
In addition to our wide selection of wine kits, we also carry the latest style of beer kits. Whether your pleasure is the traditional style packaged in tins or the new (no fuss/no muss) beer in a 15L kit that requires no sugar or boiling, then we have it. Looking for equipment?? We carry all the things needed by the home vintner/brewer to make your work, and hobby, a little easier. From filter pads, corks, cleaners and corkers/cappers, and much more, you can count on us